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EDISONmama-EDISONtoy Silicone Clay 6+1 Colors

EDISONmama-EDISONtoy Silicone Clay 6+1 Colors

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Silicone clay uses highly safe silicon material used for baby bottle nipples and toys.It is a clay that can be safely used by children with allergies.
Set contents:

[Set contents]

6 colors of clay with case (35g each) /10g of black clay is included as a bonus/Spatula 2 types /Roller /play mat /Nukigata 6 types /Nendo-yaki exclusive sheet

Target age: 3 years old ~


Character of Silicone Materials

  • You can play repeatedly even if you leave it dry !
  • Reliable material Silicone material that is also used for baby products is used! Even in a water-resistant bath or pool You can play with them!
  • When you add heat that hardens when baked (about 5 to 10 minutes with heat of 200 ), it transforms into a soft work.
  • Hygienic because it does not grow mould easily with antibacterial agent!
  • You can play in a soft state as many times as you want because it does not dry even if it is not sealed It doesnt harden, so it doesnt get dirty easily.
  • When baked, it harden, so you can make original toys.
  • You can play with the toys you made in the bath or pool.
  • You can mix colors.
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