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EDISONmama-EDISONtoy Silicone Clay Color Changing Set

EDISONmama-EDISONtoy Silicone Clay Color Changing Set

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A mysterious clay that hardens when baked even though it does not dry! (Cherry peach / orange mango / green tea melon / grape soda)

Silicone clay uses highly safe silicon material used for baby bottle nipples and toys.It is a clay that can be safely used by children with allergies.

Target age: 3 years old ~


Character of Silicone Materials
1. You can play repeatedly even if you leave itdry !
2. Reliable materialSilicone material that is also used for baby products is used!
3. Even in a water-resistantbath or pool You can play with them!

4. When you add heat that hardens when baked(about 5 to 10 minutes with heat of 200 ), it transforms into a soft work.

5. Hygienic because it does not grow mould easily with antibacterial agent!

6. Youcanplay in a soft state as many times as you want because it does not dry even if it is not sealed It doesnt harden, soit doesnt get dirty easily.

7. When baked, it harden, so you can make original toys.

8. You can play with the toys you made in the bath or pool.

9. You can mix colors.

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