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Grosmimi Grosmimi Stainless SUS304 Baby Food Tray with Lid

Grosmimi Grosmimi Stainless SUS304 Baby Food Tray with Lid

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-Product made of food grade stainless steel SUS304, BPA free.

-Consists of different compartment(3 sections or 5 sections).

-New lid design, convenient for food cover or dining out, please note this product is different from a lunchbox as the lid is not leak-proof.

-Compatible with silicone suction plate for table grip. (Silicone Suction Plate only included in Combo Sets.)

-Suitable for hot/warm food.

-Anti-bacterial material, easy to clean, durable product.

-Dish washer safe, please wash before using(please carefully read below washing guide).

-The tray and lid are NOT microwaveable. ONLY the tray is ok to put it on a boiling water.

-3 compartment size: 260*130mm, weight 124g

-5 compartment size: 270*195mm, weight 267g


Country of Origin: Korea



-Using cooking oil, please wipe the tray gently until abrasives are all gone.

-Please put it in hot water with 2-3 scoops of citric acid, and leave it for 2 hours.

-Please wash the tray once more with neutral detergent and let it dry.



-Always use this product with adult supervision.

-Carefully clean the tray with a soft sponge to prevent scratches during cleaning.

-It may cause rust when exposed to moisture for a long time, so please dry the product immediately after cleaning.

-To prevent damage to the product, do not use acid, salt, chlorine bleach, abrasives, etc.

-If the product is cracked or deformed, stop using it immediately.

-This product is a tray, not a cooker, so avoid using the oven or microwave.

-The tray lid may be twisted due to the nature of the material and product type.

-Please close the lid carefully as it is made to increase the sealing effect and may be difficult to close it for the first few times.

-Unlike food containers, this product is not completely sealed.

-The food colour can be stained on the lid.

-Please read the information on the leaflet enclosed before use.

-Do not use on other purpose.

-Avoid direct sunlight or fire.

-Do not put the product in the oven or microwave.

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