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Grosmimi One Touch Cap V2

Grosmimi One Touch Cap V2

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-New design with lock function, compatible with Grosmimi PPSU/Stainless straw cups.

-Easy to open and use with one hand.

-Leak proof design.

-Straw teat is not included.

-Please assemble the silicone straw teat directly with the one-touch cap instead of the cap and ring that comes with the straw cup.

-The button on the cap can be locked by lowering it, or unlocked by raising it up, and push the bottom part of the button to open while it is unlocked. Be sure to lower the button to lock it when storing or carrying it in your bag.



-Always use it under adults’ supervision, and do not use it for other purposes. It can cause safety accidents.

-Do not use immediately after you put hot drinks, it can cause backflows and burns yourself.

-Any impacts caused by dropping or bumping can damage the parts, and end up leaking.

-The button on the front can be disassembled by impacts. It is not refundable/exchangeable for these reasons.

-Do not sterilize in boiled water.

-Do not use microwave ovens.

-Please be careful as the top of the cap opens quicker when the straw is assembled.

-Do not shake with the cap open. The joints may be disassembled and cause injury or damage.

-Please kindly note due to product technology and manufacturing capacity, this cap is Made in China, but been tested in Korea and packed and labelled in Korea, this product is imported from Korea too.

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