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Grosmimi Stainless Baby Food Jar 200ML/300ML

Grosmimi Stainless Baby Food Jar 200ML/300ML

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GROSMIMI Baby Stainless Food Jar [ 200ML/300ML ]

Better choice for mom!

◇ Easy to clean

◇ Drop Resistant

◇ Stainless SUS304

◇ Temperature Retention

◇ Bisphenol A Free

◇ Leak-Free Cap

▸ It's made from a premium material that is highly heat resistant and stable, which is widely used in kitchen appliances.

▸ Vacuum body that blocks the ambient temperature allows 6 hours of heating/cooling. (based on our experiment)

▸ Silicone ring is located inside the tumble cap to prevents the content from leaking.

? When there is stained substances that is not removed by normal cleaning, place 3 tablespoons of citric acid with warm water in a bottle for about 2 hours, then wash it with water

? All accessories except the bottle can be put in boiling water within 30 seconds. ? Not leave the bottle in the water for long periods of time. ( It can cause water to enter through fine cracks. )

? Use a cleaning brush or a soft sponge to prevent rust or scratch and dry enough after cleaning. ? Keep away from fire and direct sunlight.

? Do not put it in the microwave

? Please wash before using

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