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Preorder - Richell TLI Stainless Easy-Grip Spoon and Fork w/Case

Preorder - Richell TLI Stainless Easy-Grip Spoon and Fork w/Case

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Easy grip for babys small hands.

Strong and clean stainless steel.

Convenient case for going out.

<Precautions for Use>

  • Do not place the product close to fire.
  • Ensure the baby is supervised at all times while using the product.
  • Place this product away from childrens reach.
  • Do not hit anything with metal parts. Not only scratching, but also there is a risk that the metal parts may become sharp and cut the mouth.

<Precautions when cleaning and sterilization>

Do not rub with polishing powder, scrubbing or cleanser, etc.

It gets scratched and becomes dirty easily.

Make sure not to boil the product excessively as it wears out the product quickly.

For boiling to sterilize, boil for 3 to 5 minutes in a large pot with plenty of water.

The spoon / fork will be hot when boiling to disinfect it. Be very careful when taking it out. There is a risk of burns.

Microwave heating means heating a content in a container.


Gip & Case: Polypropylene

Tip part: Stainless steel

[Heat tolerance]

Tip part and Grip: 120

Case: 90

Dishwasher and dryer OK.

Made in China.

Please read the more information in the back carefully before use.

We recommend you follow care labelling instruction provided by manufacture to avoid damage. Please see our Materials & Care page for help.If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall follow your request with manufacture.

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