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Kiddies Food Kutter Safety Food Peeler

Kiddies Food Kutter Safety Food Peeler

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The Safety Food Peeler is bladeless and designed to enable all children, to be able to delight in the opportunity to peel.

Now children of all ages can help prepare food with a Peeler that doesn’t use a blade! It is suitable for kids 3 years onwards, left or right-handers, the disabled, adult left-handers, the elderly with arthritis and dementia.

It requires little strength to use – in fact, the lighter you slide it along, the better result! Pushing down is not required, it is the angle and the sliding action that enables the clever design to peel.

Contains: one Safety Food Peeler.

  • Available in 8 bright colours – Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink, Lime Green, Purple, Orange and Green.
  • Choose your preferred colour in the dropdown box.
  • BPA free, plastic moulded, sturdy and bladeless.
  • Perfect for 3 years plus, included disabled & special needs kids.
  • Dishwasher safe – just not too hot!
  • 100% Australian made and 100% Australian owned.
  • Peels all the fruit & veggies a normal peeler can (except pumpkin). Also great on hard cheese!
  • The packaging includes a how-to-use skill card and is suitable for gift-giving.

The Ultimate Guide to Kiddie Food Kutter Knife: Engage Your Little Chefs Safely

Cooking with kids is not just about making meals; it's about creating cherished memories and teaching important life skills. The Kiddies Food Kutter knife is a revolutionary tool that transforms this experience by providing a safe and efficient way for children to actively participate in the kitchen.

Why Choose the Kiddie Food Kutter Knife: The Kiddie Food Kutter Knife is not just another kitchen gadget; it's a game-changer. By involving kids in meal preparation, it promotes a positive relationship with food and empowers them to explore their culinary creativity.

Safety First: Design and Features: Crafted with safety as the utmost priority, the Kiddies Food Kutter Knife boasts a rounded-tip serrated blade that effectively cuts through a wide range of foods without posing a risk of accidents. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip for little hands, ensuring optimal control during cutting.

Empowering Skills Through Cooking: Cooking with the Kiddies Food Kutter Knife enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive development. Kids learn to follow instructions, measure ingredients, and experience the joy of creating something from scratch.

Versatility in Cutting: From slicing through soft fruits like bananas to conquering harder vegetables like carrots, the Kiddie Kutter Knife's versatile blade handles it all. This adaptability encourages kids to explore various textures and flavors, expanding their palate and culinary knowledge.

A Step Towards Independence: Empowerment and self-confidence blossom when kids have a role in meal preparation. The Kiddie Kutter Knife enables children to actively contribute to family meals, fostering a sense of responsibility and achievement.

The Kiddies Food Kutter Knife is more than just a kitchen tool; it's a gateway to exploration, learning, and togetherness. By involving children in the kitchen, we sow the seeds of a lifelong love for cooking and the joy of shared moments around the table.

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 100% Australian Owned
  • Suitable from 2years
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